Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

BABY zdrój

We are the producer of spring water BABY ZDRÓJ  that has original cleanness and taste.

We started producing spring water BABY ZDRÓJ  using the perfect ecological conditions of the terrain in Poland, which gives us water of unbelievable quality. This water of 3 liter capacity is prepared with special concern for future mothers, breastfeeding women, and children.

The smooth pink bottle gives BABY ZDRÓJ  exceptional character and original outlook. Its 3 liter capacity and a friendly handle were designed especially for women who every day do  home shopping.

Spring water BABY ZDRÓJ  has very low levels of sodium and minerals, it has not got any substances perceived as harmful in its composition.

According to the criteria of chemical classification used in marking natural mineral waters, BABY ZDRÓJ  meets the norms concerning the waters suitable for preparation of infant food but also diets which exclude sodium. Hence, BABY ZDRÓJ  is water suitable for children from the first days of their lives.


Joanna Boguń
Kierownik Działu Handlowego
Aqua East Sp. z o.o.
ul. Niepodległości 2
22-110 Ruda-Huta
tel:    +48 82 568 62 65
fax:   +48 82 568 62 66
mob. +48 603 470 700

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