Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

Sweets, pralines, cheery in liqueur, plumps in chocolate

Small sweet snack which you can eat with coffee or tea. Perfect as independent sweets, however, are sometimes eaten in interesting manner, previously dip in tea or coffee. Thanks to dipping straw literally for a second, it rapidly absorbs aroma of the drink.

Brześć is a family company exists since 1984. We produce the traditional pastry based on home recipes .

All of our products are sold by our sales representatives and distributors in Poland. In connection with the great interest in our products we decided to expand sales by EU countries. To reach our company sales goals, a construction of a new fully automated production plant has been completed in 2010. New production plant will produce a group of product that enjoys the greatest interest of our customers. These are puff straw and puff pastry croutons..

Thanks to modern technology and long tradition, we are able to produce products of the highest quality and repeatability. Puff straw and puff pastry croutons are produced without preservatives, colorings and flavorings. Our new process line by using a tunnel kiln, allows us to increase production by more than 100 pallets per day. Quality is a very important factor of us. The product that we offer - puff straw has no counterpart in the European market.

Dorota Jakubczak
Dział sprzedaży
tel. +48 728 533 495

Box of chocolates

filled with liquour soaked cherry,
with a strong, pleasant flavour, leaving an unforgettable taste impression. Made from natural chocolate and pipless cherries.

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