Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products


Superior quality vodka from Poland
Heritages combine with trendy bottle
Taste and Enjoy !

Polish Land pure vodka:

“Polish Land vodka is produced with traditional method from luxury neutral spirit of the premium class and highly crystal clean water. Thanks to the appropriate maturation of vodka we are getting the very gentle taste in compliance with appropriate character.”

Polish Land cherry vodka:

“Cherry vodka is produced on the basis of natural cherry concentrate. Long seasoned in suitable containers what is granting the delicate and natural taste of the cherry. This rare vodka derives its unique gentleness from a number of distillation processes, crystal clear water and natural ingredients.

Polish Land sweet bitter:

“Sweet bitter vodka is a flavored vodka produced from luxury spirit infused with fruits and stepped with herbs. Improved whole with sweetness of the sugar. The sweetness is distinct but not overwhelming.”

Amber beer

In the group of small and medium breweries, we are one of the most modern in Poland.

We owe our success to family passion.

In the production of beer we apply Traditional Brewing Methods.

The unique flavour of our beers comes from:
  • postglacial water – crystal clear and perfect in taste,
  • yeast from our own propagation station
  • hop – from the famous Lublin hop – aromatic and bitter
  • malting barley – our own crop,
  • the passion and skills of our brewers and the
    centuries-old tradition of the region,
The Amber Brewery meets the highest global quality standards, such as HACCP and ISO.


Agrico, has full range of necessary health standards certificates, IFS, BRC, HACCP, ISO .

We are interested to cooperate with supermarket chains with their own private labels. We can cope with the highest quality standards and we provide top very efficient service. We invite you to start business with us. Please have a look at our current range of products,

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Good Polish Blue Mould-Veined Cheese



Top Quality EGGS

Meeting our customers’ expectation half-way, we introduce to our offer new design labels, modern multicoloured packings for eggs. Our current offer is divided into three groups. For clients, who prefer classic designs, we propose packings from group Standard, for which belong packings including 20 and more eggs sealed together with etiquette.

Moreover, customers, who are looking for higher quality packings, can acquaint themselves with Premium class.

Whereas, for the most demanding clients, we have in our offer packings from TOP Premium group. TOP Premium packings are characterized by modern graphic and pattern-designing.

On  customers’ request, it’s also possible to use packings under individual trademark.




  No.1 Bestseller

The best quality. Best factory prices.


We offer the best quality delicatessen & marinates range of quality fish - herrings from Baltic sea.

Wonderfully smooth taste as an excellent appetiser or snack with beer and famous Polish or Russian Vodka.

The taste  which will satisfy any fish connoisseurs. Enjoy and try our delicious products.

Direct  factory prices.  


Iglotex, the biggest and best quality producer of frozen products in Poland.

The portfolio includes famous Italian pizza and Polish homemade traditional recipes dumplings and ravioli.

Once you taste the quality you will never forget the wonderfully fresh taste and pleasure of eating our vast range of products.

Vegetarians and connoisseurs of international cuisine will issue a stamp of satisfaction and guarantee of our delightfully testing products.

Only the Best ingredients and Top quality health standards are implemented in every step of preparing our products.  

Try and enjoy, your satisfaction is guarantee.   

Factory best prices.


Best Coffee and Tea

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Vortumnus brand, One of the best preserves vegetables from Poland prepared from old unique traditional recipes see the portfolio of products


Best Quality of Dutch type chesses, Portioned chesses, Cottage chesses, Spreads, Yoghurts

Other Excellent offers:

Traditional Polish homemade recipes  from finest quality pork for smoke hams, sausages, smoked dark with alder and bench wood  Kabanosy(Pork fingers), turkey sausage, turkey ham., and other impressive selection.

  • 7 Days Chipita Croissant Strawberry 65G
  • Kubus Carrot /Apple/Orange Juice 1 LT
  • Tymbark Apple Juice 1 LT
  • Lays Onion 160G
  • Jutrzenka Wafers Coconut 180 G
  • Winiary Mayonnaise 400 ml
  • Agrico Polish Ham 300G
  • Agrico Chicken Sirloin 300 G
  • Agrico Fish Goulash of Szczecin 300G

Packaging net weight shelf life
1 Baked ham

vacum about 450 g 30 days Ham homemade from the finest quality meat using a tradicional recipe. Ham baked with pepper grains and bay leaf.
2 Chicken Knuckle

loose 400 g 30 days Tender pieces of chicken thight dipped in aromatic aspic. Produkt with an unique aroma and flavour.
3 Cracow poultry sausage

1/2 pcs. Vacum400 g 30 days Sausage made from top-quality turkey meat. Cooked and smoked. Exquisite and juicy.
4 Czeladnika ham

map about 1,5 kg 30 days Obtained from selected shoulder muscles formed into a net.
5 Forest Nowak sausage

1 pcs. flowpack about 400 g 30 days Sausage made from top-quality pork meat. Natural aromas of seasonings give it an unique teste.
6 Hand made ham

vacum about 400 g 30 days Special selected ham muscles homemade to a tradicional recipe.
7 Hot-dogs Omega 3

vacum 275 g 30 days Made from top-quality pork meat. They feature a delicate flavour, and addition of Omega-3 acid
8 Krucha sausage

2 pcs. Vacum
30 days Traditional sausage made from the finest pork. Natural seasonings give it a distinct and familiar flavour with a clear hint of garlic.
9 Luxury Pate Sausage

loose 200 g 30 days Cooked offal sausage in artficial barrier casings. Clearly noticeable seasonings, especially onion.
10 Nowak's hot-dogs

map about 1 kg 30 days Made from the finest top-quality pork and beef. Sausage with unique flavour and aroma.

about 400 g 30 days
11 Podwawelska Nowaka sausage

2 szt. vacum
30 days Sausage made from top-quality pork, smoked and cooked. A carefully selected blend of seasonings, gives it an unique distinct taste.
12 map about 1,3 kg 30 days
13 Pork fingers

flowpack about 300 g 30 days Made from best quality pork. Smoked dark with alder and bench wood.
flowpack about 1 kg 30 days
14 Pork ham

loose about 2,5 kg 30 days Made from ham muscles with a blend of aromas and seasonings makes it ideally tasteful.
15 Sandwich ham

loose 450 g 30 days Made from cooked pork. It tastes delicately.
loose about 1,8 kg 30 days
16 Smoked pork loin Sopocka

vacum about 400 g 30 days Pork loin cooked and smoked. Tender and subtle in taste.
17 Toruńska regional sausage

4 pcs. map
30 days Pork sausage, cooked, smoked to a brown colour. Juicy sausage with an exellent flavour and dominat note of marjoram.
map about 1,3 kg 30 days
18 Turky potted ham Omega 3

loose 2,5 kg 45 days Ham made from lean quality turkey meat with addition of Omega-3 acid. It has a subtle taste and aroma
19 Wiejska ham

1/2 pcs. Vacum
30 days Traditional ham with some characteristic fat. Tide with yarn. Cooked and smoked to light brown colour.

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