Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

Canned and frozen fish products

Seafood processor and producer from Poland.

We would like to offer regular supply of :

  1. Canned Cod liver in own oil


    origin Iceland, processed and packed in Poland

    • price 115 g
    • price 240 g
    • price 300 g

    Private label.catalog page no 8

  2. Smoked Atlantic Norwegian Salmon, (Salmo Salar) sliced, salted, brown meat off (deep skinned)100, 200, 500, 1000 g vacuum tray

  3. Frozen smoked Salmon trimmings

    boneless, skinless / vacuum bag

  4. Salmon frozen scrap meat skinless, boneless, pure red meat, glazing 0%, color Roche 13 +, 7,5 kg blocks

  5. Salmon frozen separated meat skinless, boneless, 7,5 kg or 7,7 kg blocks

  6. Cod frozen separated meat skinless, boneless, 7,0 kg blocks

  7. Herring fillets, delicatessen & marinates range of quality :

    pickled, fried - rolled in oil, marinades or sauces. Price list to be send upon interest.

COD LIVER in own oil

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