Polish Food Products

Polish Food Products

Fresh & frozen

DROB-BOGS Leading poultry processing factory with 20-year experience

We invite professional importers who want to trade directly with a producer to send us requests. We will be happy to get engage into long-term reliable cooperation.

We offer a comprehensive range of chilled and frozen poultry products for export. Our recently modernised plant has a production capacity of up to 6 000 chickens per hour (we are able to cut up and freeze all daily production). Deliveries are prepared daily in chilled or frozen condition in bulk or retail packing according to the customer's demands. Our products fulfill all EEC quality norms. We work according to a strict HCCP programme.

As indication, January 2012 prices – examples (subject to change) in bulk packaging (in vac-packed 15 kg plastic bags), FCA

Fresh chicken 3 joint wing – 1,20 €/kg

Fresh chicken fillet – 3,50 €/kg

Fresh chicken leg quarter – 1,40 €/kg

Fresh whole chicken – 1,50 €/kg

We will be soon able to pack in gas flushed 5kg trays. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

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